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Product Reviews

Find out what genuine rollator customers have said about their purchases and shopping experiences at Trionic. We try our hardest to make each and every customer happy!

  • My veloped is a beautiful peice of engineering that liberated my legs.

    The Veloped enables me to walk without thinking about it despite my disability. I go over rough ground, up kerbs and in and out of shops with ease. The company was efficient, helpful, and friendly to deal with. The product is so beautifully designed that even I had no problem putting it together, or taking off the wheels to transport it.

  • My new sense of balance

    My father-in-law is 86 years young and has visual and balance problems. When he walks (like a penguin), with his legs apart and with splayed arms, he has to concentrate very hard on his balance, which makes him so fatigued that he starts to falter after 2-500 m. So after 1,000 m, that's it; he has to sit down so as not to fall backwards. We could no longer go for walks with him because of it being so laborious. Over the winter, we were in Spain on the Mediterranean and bought the Veloped. He himself says that's the best thing one can want, to be back in public without any problems. Now he can walk 7 to 10 km without any weakness and he enjoyed it everyday on the strand promenades. The most important thing after eating and sleeping is his Veloped. Thanks for the super idea of the double wheel, kerb edges are simply no longer there.

  • Still grinnin' from ear to ear.

    It has been nearly nine months since I bought my Trionic Veloped, and it is still the best investment that I have ever made. Even though I can only walk short distances (Herniated disc at L4/L5, and osteoarthritis my in hips, as well as suffering from HCM), I can still walk 6 or 8 kilometres along our forest tracks in the local national park, as long as I stop for a rest every five minutes or so, that's when the seat comes in very handy.

    I'm a nature lover and I try to get out into our wonderful forests every chance that I can, and this outdoor wheelie walker allows me to enjoy nature, and best of all......ENJOY LIFE!

  • Most life-changing piece of equipment I've ever bought!

    I suffered a severe spinal injury in February, 2009, just slipping on an icy path.
    Overnight, I went from an independent, hard-working, active 43year-old; to having to be hospitalised for a month, bed-ridden for 3 months, and convalescing with kind friends for 9 months, until I was, eventually, well enough to return to my home home - in a wheelchair, with an adapted vehicle, and a mobility scooter for 'longer' trips out, as my injury permitted.
    I have been left permanently 'disabled', with a partially paralysed leg - and a very 'delicate' back/spine.
    As well as the 'physical' injuries, I found the 'emotional backlash' equally as hard to deal with.
    Having worked with children with special needs, prior to my injury, I was quite used to the 'stigma' that being 'disabled' entails, but to experience the difficulties of getting around in an 'able-bodied world' first-hand led to my feeling massively frustrated, and exhausted with effort, as well as very fed-up - to say the least!
    My gradual rehabilitation has involved the researching and purchasing of various items of equipment, as required...starting with a wheelchair, then a mobility-scooter...and, eventually, the Consultant agreed that, in September 2010, I could begin to try and learn to walk again.
    The problem was, I live in a very rural location, on a farm, surrounded by woodland and meadows - which is often muddy and wet (this is England, after all!).
    I tried a 'conventional rollator' to start with - but couldn't manage the uneven ground, and was terrified of sliding, as the tires and brakes seemed insufficient, and my spine was jolted over bumps...
    However, the mobility scooter was also struggling with the terrain - so, in desperation, I put in "all-terrain rollator" into the search engine on my laptop - and up came the VELOPED!
    It seemed everything I was looking for - combined in one piece of equipment.
    Was it too good to be true?
    I ordered one to be tried out for the week-end....and can honestly say, it began to change my life.
    The quality and design is breathtaking.
    Every bit of the 'machine' has been so well thought-out and functional - and, suddenly, I not only felt comfortable being 'upright' again, but SAFE.
    The all-terrain tires and magnificent brakes gave grip on mud and snow, and the pneumatic design took the 'bumps' and jolts away from my spine, and were absorbed by the Veloped, instead.
    The adjustable handle-bars were ideal - raising the rubber, sturdy, hand-grips at just the perfect height for me - whatever my condition that particular day.
    If I was tired, I can lower them and put more of my weight through my arms (thus taking the strain off my spine for a while), whereas, on a 'good' day, I could have them higher, so I am walking more 'upright' and with less upper-body support.
    The quick-release lever moves them, easily and quickly, into position when the Veloped needs to be folded for transport in my little car - and the numbered column means I can easily put the hand-bars up to 'my' individualised height when I'm ready.
    When walking, the 'sporty' seat slides right into the centre of the frame, so, unlike other rollators, I am walking 'upright' in the middle of the frame - in the perfect walking posture.
    Good, comfortable grip is established on the handle-bars with my hands, and the effective brakes mean even steep downhill sections of wooded paths are suddenly accessible to me again, and safe (as when my legs are weak, the Veloped brakes 'for' me).
    In fact, the Veloped is equally at home' in Town or Country.
    The 'climbing-wheel' enables me to negotiate tree roots or rocky ground in the woods, pebbled beaches and coastal paths by the sea, and pavements, shop-doorways and kerbs in the Town.
    Crossing roads is easy - even when the basket is full of groceries - there is no lifting involved!
    When I am tiring, the 'sporty' seat is easily and quickly slid into position, and provides a comfortable and supported means of sitting - so that I can take necessary rest when in a supermarket queue, or can enjoy taking time to enjoy a favourite view, when out with my dog.
    (I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is nearly 13 years old - and even he opted for a ride home in the basket of the Veloped last week, when we were out for a particularly long walk!)
    It is so lightweight, also, and folds down for transporting in my car - I have found it no problem to take on an aircraft either.
    The quick-release wheels also remove for storage, and, when I had a puncture, recently, it was readily repaired by dropping the tyre off in a bicycle shop for the inner-tube to be patched, whilst I went in the hydrotherapy pool!
    Physically, my muscle-tone, stamina and posture continue to improve with every outing, and, being enabled to negotiate steep hills once more, I am experiencing aerobic exercise for the first time in over 2 years - to the benefit of my lungs and heart.
    Perhaps the most 'life-changing' aspect of my obtaining the Veloped has been emotionally, though.
    Having been so active, prior to my spinal injury, I was very downcast with being unable to access the countryside where I live, and my confidence had dropped considerably - especially as I had become so aware of people's attitude to me, when in a wheelchair or on my mobility-scooter.

    I found people assumed I was mentally impaired also, or unable to do anything, physically, for myself - and was often 'grabbed hold of' and pushed along in my wheelchair, when my desire was to self-propel!
    Being 'upright' again, and surrounded by the sturdy frame of the Veloped, I am 'protected' from being knocked over when in crowds, but am also very much back 'in control' of my own direction!

    The glances I draw now, are NOT those of 'pity' at my being unable to get about, but admiration at the nature of the terrain I am conquering, and wonder and awe at the nature and design of the Veloped that is enabling me to do so!
    I can honestly say that it has, indeed, been the most ...

  • Walking again

    Since buying my veloped I have been able to walk around my village and walk to my freinds again. By taking off both front and back wheels it even fits into my sports car so I can take it out for days out. It has given me a new lease of life. I only wish I 'd had it during the summer months when the weather was warmer.

  • This fantastic purchase has given me a new lease of life.

    I am a relatively young woman who has become disabled with poor mobility over the last 3 years or so. I knew I needed something to support my walking and enable me to carry things, but the traditional walking aids left me feeling underwhelmed, to say the least. Then I discovered the Veloped and I can't believe how great it.
    Looks = right on trend. The veloped has definitely attracted a good deal of attention since its purchase.
    Cost = a considered purchase for many but well worth it! In particular, if you take advantage of spreading the payments, interest-free.
    flexibility = absolutely amazing. The ped turns on a sixpence. So light and manoeuvrable I wonder how I ever did without it. the basket on the front is really useful and to be able to sit down on a sturdy and comfortable seat is brilliant.
    Overall = I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. Even before I had bought it Stefan spoke to me by instant message and responded fully to every question I had. this was really important to me and it showed that the company have every confidence in their product. I have had it for about 4 weeks now and Share that confidence unreservedly.
    It arrived really quickly, in order to delivery 3 days. It was well packaged and was so easy to put together I was up and running in less than 15 minutes.
    Although it doesn't actually fold up, it does easily slide together to significantly reduce the width and the handles lower making it fit comfortably on the back seat of a Toyota Aygo.
    I am absolutely thrilled

  • The best walker I've ever found.

    My Walker is a high-quality product, which is very well thought out and easy to handle. Its robust appearance makes it seem very heavy, yet the opposite is true and one notices then that the construction is made of aluminium and is therefore very lightweight.

  • Field report after one year of use

    The advert and description in the brochure is 100% true. Nothing is exaggerated. Disadvantageous or not optimal are the tyres. The air escapes too fast. A severely handicapped person will then usually find it very difficult, because a petrol station etc., is not always nearby. Here, at the company. use should be made of better quality tubes. That should be included in this purchase price.

    Burckhard Baar, Munich

  • "No more sitting around watching life go by"

    Wow my Dad has recently bought a Trionic Veloped All Terrain Walker Rollator, no more sitting around watching the family having fun,he's joining in on the walks, shopping trips,and even started having holidays again,(that makes Mum happy!!),they've been on several coach holidays with the Trionic,it's so light and easily folds for putting in the boot, the seat on it is a life saver too, getting tired just have a sit down and off you go again,Mum puts the shopping in the front bag too,take a look on YouTube for the demonstration video,it's fantastic Dad wishes he had one year ago, money well spent,it will last for years, great aftercare from the company too. 10/10 Thank you well done guys :0)

  • Erika

    It is a great companion that I was allowed to test for 14 days. I can only recommend it to everyone; you can overcome all obstacles with it. I am vision-impaired and because of that I move very uncertainly when outside, but thanks to my faithful companion, I can again participate in life independently.

    Thanks to the Veloped Sport, I can maintain a natural upright posture that is very important. I can only recommend it to everyone.

  • Trionic Veloped Hunter

    Very excellent service, highly recommended; the company is very accommodating. The Veloped is great!!!!

  • Increased quality of life

    Bought a Veloped for my wife who suffered from a joint problem. She is very extremely satisfied. However, I have to buy one for myself too. I'm having trouble keeping up with her on our walks.

  • Brilliant Product

    After buying a Veloped Tour in 2014 I had no hesitation in purchasing the 9 er Rollator to help support me around the home. It is much sturdier than other walkers I have tried giving me the support to help with my balance and walking which is affected by MS. Although costing more than other walkers it is well worth the money. The online support given by Stefan was so helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending this product. Janet Berry

  • Amazing!!

    I'm over the moon with my Trionic Veloped Trek 14er! I have various health problems which impact my life in many ways. I'm still reasonably young at 38, and still lead as active a lifestyle as possible - despite my mobility issues. I enjoy woodland walks, hill walking etc and I'm also a Grade III Para Equestrian dressage rider, so I needed something more stable than a cane or crutches, that could cope with difficult terrain, which is where the Trek 14er comes in. Unlike regular rollators, it's designed to cope with rough/uneven terrain, it's sturdy enough to support me, yet still lightweight enough for me to lift in and out of my car etc. It has a seat for when I have to stop and rest, and also two very handy bags that can be attached to the Veloped, or removed if not needed. It's a great help for me around the stable yard also, no more carrying heavy buckets or haynets, I just sit them on the Veloped and I'm off! It will also be a fantastic help when away competing - its versatility is second to none! Oh, and did I mention it looks good too?! The Veloped isn't only useful but it's aesthetically pleasing too, dare I say quite stylish! It's given me far more confidence to go out and about by myself too, as the Veloped can carry everything I need. The only down side, in my opinion, is the price... however, it's definitely worth every penny. If you want to get out there in style and with confidence - the Veloped is for you!!

  • A new life for my mother!

    Never before in my life have I been able to give such a beautiful gift. It is not the device, but what the device has made possible for her again...walks in the countryside...she is a new person since she's been travelling with Veloped. It opens up a new quality of life in old age. Thank you. Just thank you.


    I searched the web and contacted Australian mobility aids companies trying to find an 'off road' rollator for my husband to use it around the house paddock on the farm. While he has a quad bike, ute and tractor for getting around, the farm, he'd had to rely on his walking stick in the garden and sheds as an indoor 'rollator' just wouldn't make it. I bought it as a surprise for him and he was very happy to test it out with excellent results, it is given him more freedom to get around. As for the shipping, well that was just amazing as I watched it travel from Sweden to Australia and also arrived 2 days before the due date!. Well done Trionic.

  • Peter Hedley. U K greatest fan.

    I have been a fan of Trionic Veloped for several years. I played too much football and squash as a young man and now have replacement knees and a right hip. The Veloped has given me great mobility by helping me take more of my body weight on my upper body and off my damaged hips and knees. We have been to the U S A, Barbados,Russia,and all over the Mediterranean together and wetted our feet and wheels in the Atlantic,the Baltic, and the Med. I could have sold a dozen machines and have demonstrated mine to lots and lots of people.

  • Trionic means freedom for me.

    As an enthusiastic walker who also likes to travel with my dog through woods and meadows, I had to give up this pleasure at some point because of my progressive muscle disease. A rollator I bought from another Scandinavian brand was able to maintain my mobility in the city, but walking on cobblestones has been a difficult endeavour. Then my Internet research led me to my Veloped and as of then my dog and I were happy again. Some time later, the smart Swedes brought the Walker on the market and I added the 12er Walker to my fleet. This is optimal in the city area, so that I am now perfectly equipped for all occasions. The customer service is also very excellent—fast, competent and uncomplicated—full recommendation!!!

    Veloped Tour 14er M black/reflex/red
    by Lucia Bonnet-tullius
  • Great for accessibility

    My Veloped Trek has begun to change my life. My service dog and I can go for long walks or short ones. When I feel the most off balance, I use the Veloped because it provides me more stability than other walkers. The 14 inch wheels and tires make for a quiet walk in buildings. My doctor took the information on this walker to share with other patients. I heartily recommend this for anyone who needs a walker and wants to be outside more. Oshin was very, very helpful in answering my questions and helping me when I needed some clarification on the product...not due to the product but due to my brain. I just wish it were Norwegian, not Swedish...just kidding!

  • New lease of life

    I am 84, and have a crooked spine as a result of a motor accident five years ago, which means that it is painful for me to hold myself upright. I had not been able to take my daily walk for the last few months, and I had been unable to stand and chat with people. Since not walking, I have felt weaker in myself.
    I have had my Veloped for a week, and find it enables me to walk upright and quite quickly. It copes well with my gravel drive, rough grass and the bumpy country lane where I live. If I meet a friend, it supports me while I stand and chat.
    I live in such a windy place that any garden benches I placed in nice places to sit were blown away, and had to be put under shelter. I can now walk to my pond and sit and watch the wild life with my Veloped.
    I am looking forward to discovering more things that have become possible for me again, such as going to exhibitions, to markets and so on.
    I am very grateful to have found such a well-designed walking aid which is so much more than that.

  • No comparison

    After using a standard walker for a couple of years I realised it wasn't being helpful for me. I decided after reading about the veloped walker to try one but dealt direct with Stefan in Sweden, so easy and so quick nothing too much trouble, the quality, comfort it provides (not just sitting on the seat) it is just superior in every way, I have never looked back and would recommend it to anyone to look into it.

  • Very good choice for a disabled girl, almost 9 years old...!

    We bought the Trionic Veloped to our daughter. She is nine years old this summer so Veloped is not really suited for her size yet. But, we still think it works very well in terrain and that was exactly what we were searching, for such a long time!

    Imagine if there could be a Veloped adapted for children!

  • Fantastic product!

    The Veloped Tour is the Rolls Royce of rollators (infact it isn't correct to call it a rollator-its so much more) I thought long and hard about making this purchase as it isn't cheap but am so glad that I decided to buy it. For someone like me who has mobility issues, it is a godsend. It is sturdy yet light to push and the seat is very comfortable. The basket holds loads making it a joy to go shopping with. It performs brilliantly in shops and off road and avoids the juddering sensation you get on uneven surfaces with a traditional rollator. It folds and fits into the back of my Meriva and I wouldn't go anywhere without it now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Veloped and the company who invented it. Stefan is so helpful and gave me the opportunity to try it out for a day and to return it free if I wasn't happy with it. Excellent service and wonderful product!

  • Great experience all the way around!

    I've taken my trek miles on the desert and it'll go anywhere. The training is bringing me to the point where I can walk without it. Even when I had flats from goathead thorns--the bane of all OTR cyclists--they were easily fixed at a bike store. Trionic is a pleasure to deal with.

  • We are very satisfied!

    The Walker is perfectly suited for cobblestones and is very easy to handle! It is more flexible than the conventional walkers and offers much more comfort; we are highly satisfied!

    Rollator Walker 12er navy/black/red
    by Carina Birgitta Brask
  • Trionic

    Makes the difference in mobility.

  • As someone affected by Parkinson's I am able to walk longer distances again in the countryside.

    During walks, the Veloped is my reliable partner. Especially now after switching to a friction brake with one-handed operation (like on a bicycle), I feel very safe even when going downhill. As a person with Parkinson's disease, up until now I could only walk a few 100 m with one or two canes. With the Veloped, I could increase my radius to over 1,000 m.

    I thank Mr. Kindberg for his friendly and helpful support for all questions and problems. Thank you very much! Michael Köplin

  • Life changing

    Multiple Sclerosis has stopped me from walking my dogs for a year or two. I bought a Trionic Veloped Sport & we now all enjoy regular walks. I no longer fall due to balance issues & when I need a rest, the seat is invaluable. The Veloped is light enough to lift in to my car back seat, with dogs in the boot. It copes well with rough & muddy ground. After a month of use, I am getting value with plenty of use & improved quality of life for all of us. The Veloped is very well made. I have another walker, which bears no comparison when it comes to quality or capability. 10/10 Thank you Stefan!

  • Trionic Veloped is an excellent walking aid

    Trionic Veloped works well when you are walking along pavements, when it is snowy, dry or wet. It's also a very good walking aid to be used in the forest when you are walking along paths or even in more difficult conditions. If you decide to buy Trionic Veloped you won't waste your money :)

  • The Veloped Has Changed My Life - Yippee!

    My bicycle accident, four years ago, left me with such poor balance, that I struggled to walk with a stick. In fact, I found myself very reluctant to walk even short distances. There is the standard red rollator, something many elderly people have, but I wanted something better looking and needed something more practical. The life-changing Veloped has done all of that. The day after it arrived, I walked one mile! Incredible! I don't even have to search pavements for the dropped kerb. My Veloped overcomes normal kerbs with its cleverly-designed twin front wheels. If it rains, there is even a cover for it. It is an absolute dream and I feel very proud to walk with it and to be seen with it. I must say, "Well done and Congratulations!" to Stefan Kindberg for the smart design, coupled with the amount of detail, care and thoughtfulness he put into creating it.

  • Walker 12er—a complete success

    Many things at Trionic have made me enthusiastic:
    1. excellent service, there is none better
    2. well thought out technilogy
    3. light weight and maneuverability
    4. easy folding and unfolding

    Since I do not use the Walker myself, but gave it to my father, I cannot write too much about the experience with this aid. He was very impressed by his new Walker at the presentation of the gift and the following celebration. However, I could see at once that he can walk far more upright from the first step and thus walks more briskly. In addition, he found it very pleasant that his hands no longer vibrate and that the Walker rolls wonderfully easily, whether on cobblestones, gravel or lawn.

  • Trionic 14er Walker

    This is a great walker...very well made and design...great walker if you are 2 meter tall like me...thanks again for the team at sweden for all your help.

    from Steve
    Brisbane, Australia

  • A whole new quality of life for my husband with Parkinson's disease

    Last week my husband asked me for a rollator that he had otherwise strictly rejected. On the Internet I quickly came across the company Trionic. The communication with Mr. Kindberg via chat and phone was great. Ordered on Tuesday and assembled on Thursday. My husband is thrilled and happy that he can walk over rough and smooth surfaces and walk over fields and meadows. This Veloped will rescue him from his helplessness while walking and take away the fear of falling. I say again and again: how good that there is the Internet!

  • The Out Door Champion.

    I have tried locally available walkers and found them ok on flat, level and smooth surfaces any cracks or bumps they, like super market trollies in the car parks, go their own way.
    I went to the internet and googled "All Terrain Walkers" and up came the Veloped in far away Sweden. From the time I made my initial enquiry to receiving my Veloped was one week, distance and language not a problem . Thank you Stefan. Less trouble than going to the corner store.
    The Veloped is not for doing the rounds of the kitchen table, I wanted a walker that would allow me to negotiate a steep driveway, very soft and spongy grassed areas with the occasional out crop of sandstone rocks, the Veloped does all this.
    It has hub brakes that really work, giving more confidence and better control on the downhill, on the uphill lock them and take a seat, they will not let you down. I am sure that the Veloped will do all that the many Youtube clips demonstrate.
    I am 91 (YOB 1923) and not quite as nimble as some of the demonstrators, but I am getting to places that were impossible pre Veloped.
    I recommend the Veloped as an outdoor walker to all who are beginning to feel the hills are getting a little steeper.
    Jack Ray
    Cheltenham NSW Australia

  • Trionic Walker 12er

    My 87 year old mother is thrilled with her new walker. Instead of rattling along uneven footpaths and struggling up and down kerbs she now glides effortlessly over all the bumps and up high kerbs. Nothing like this wonderful walker is available in Ireland but once I found the Trionic Veloped site I knew we could at last get my mother a walker that is fit for purpose - going for a good walk and doing her shopping in comfort. We couldn't believe how good the service was, we ordered the walker on Monday and it arrived fully assembled and good to go in Ireland on Friday. Stefan couldn't have been more interested and helpful. Janice (Ireland)

  • Absolutely amazing service to the needs of the mobility challenged!

    To me, the most amazing thing about the Trionic company is that the inventor of Trionic products (the Veloped and the Walker), Stefan Kindberg, is so available to serve the customers for these remarkable devices. He personally sees to it that they are built to his standards of design and quality. We can contact the Trionic.web site and Stefan himself is likely to respond with helpful advice. He may personally check to see that they are packed and shipped so that they will arrive quickly and in perfect condition. Almost as amazing is that Stefan, who lives Sweden where the walker/rollator was invented, is an engineer and had a vision of how the walker/rollator could be improved to assist real walking in the outdoors. The Veloped, and now the Walker, are the result of years of work on this vision. Can you imagine better service to the needs of customers like us? I have purchased five different walker/rollators, each time thinking that I had found the best which is available. I have spent over $3000 USD doing that. In the process, I have learned that the Veloped is truly the best way to get the support I need while walking out of doors. My Veloped is now two years old and I have just purchased a new Trionic 12er Walker. The 12er Walker will not replace the Veloped but it will give me very nearly the same level of support at the end trips in my car. The Walker is clearly easier to load in the car. Trionic walker/rollators are more expensive. However, they are unmatched in quality of design and construction. The competition is not even close. After all, keeping mobile when our mobility is challenged is worth a very lot. I feel so very fortunate that there are walker/rollators available of this quality. Trionic walker/rollators seem to glide over even rough surfaces, they make no distracting sounds, they have nothing to kick or trip over, their brakes really work when you need them and most of the time I hardly even notice them because they are doing their job so well. The way Trionic walker/rollators are designed, many repairs could be done by most bicycle shops. But the quality of construction is such that repair may not be needed for many, many years. The Veloped AND the Walker together with the outstanding service provided by Trionic have my most enthusiastic recommendations.

  • Great for accessibility

    My Veloped Trek has begun to change my life. My service dog and I can go for long walks or short ones. When I feel the most off balance, I use the Veloped because it provides me more stability than other walkers.

    The 14 inch wheels and tires make for a quiet walk in buildings. My doctor took the information on this walker to share with other patients. I heartily recommend this for anyone who needs a walker and wants to be outside more.

    Oshin was very, very helpful in answering my questions and helping me when I needed some clarification on the product...not due to the product but due to my brain.
    I just wish it were Norwegian, not Swedish... just kidding!

  • Trionic Veloped is an excellent walking aid

    Trionic Veloped works well when you are walking along pavements when it is snowy, dry or wet. It's also a very good walking aid to be used in the forest when you are walking along paths or even in more difficult conditions. If you decide to buy Trionic Veloped you won't waste your money :)

  • 100% happy and satisfied

    There's nothing better than the Veloped

  • My Veloped has changed my life

    Since the operation to remove a tumour from my spinal cord, I can only walk with two crutches and this is a slow and painful process. I was finally told about rollators but thought they looked feeble and unattractive. My wish was to walk on the beach, or on cobbles in town. After searching the internet I came across the Trionic Veloped, and with little hesitation ordered one. It is the best purchase I have ever made. I can now walk further and a little faster, with confidence and without the fear of falling. It has opened up my world again. I can't recommend the Trionic Veloped highly enough.

  • Outstanding

    Although the Veloped Tour is an expensive investment, it is well worth it.
    It has given me mobility that no other rollator provides. I can now navigate uneven terrain, cobble stone streets, curbs and even pot holes with ease. I intend to take it with me to Europe for use on a river cruise from Budapest to Prague. Hopefully, it will enable me to keep up with the group during walking tours. I could not be happier with this amazing product.

  • Super Walker!

    Dream device! I get everywhere with this Walker. Obstacles are no problem! It is not exactly inexpensive, but I would buy it again.


    I emailed Stefan in Sweden to ask various questions about the Veloped. He phoned me back and he couldn't have been more helpful. He was able to match the price of a UK supplier, who offered the Veloped VAT free for people with a registered disability such as me. I was initially concerned that I would not be able to try out the Veloped before I made a final decision to purchase, but Stefan assured me that I could trial the Veloped for one day out of doors, and if not happy I could return it free of charge.
    After agreeing the price, I placed an order for a Veloped Sport, it was delivered within 3 days and I unpacked and assembled it in less than half an hour. I used it the next day and knew at once that I would keep it.

    It is a wonderfully innovative piece of equipment, very well engineered, very strong and not too heavy. It folds up and fits in the car boot when the wheels are removed (which takes only a few seconds). I have already done several walks of around 3 miles each over rough ground, fields, tracks and of course roads and pavements. The Veloped performs superbly in all conditions. I have a balance problem, but the Veloped allows me to walk in a straight line and I am able to look around at the scenery once more without stumbling or falling down.

    It is so easy to use, already whilst out walking I sometimes forget that I am using the Veloped. It is such a brilliant feeling and I know that I can now start to plan some great walks around my local area of the Peak District of Derbyshire and further afield.
    I would certainly recommend this machine to anyone with a walking difficulty and also recommend going straight to Stefan to make your enquiries, he is so helpful and efficient.

  • Trionic Walker, a great device!!!

    Just a great device, the 'Trionic Walker', which I ordered the end of June 2015 in Uppsala. Two days later, the Walker was already there. Due to a herniated disc which I had suffered in a fall from a bicycle, walking was always more difficult because of severe back pain. I then searched the Internet and became aware of the company, Trionic-Sverige AB. The many good customer reviews then encouraged me to buy. I have not regretted it to this day, because with the Walker I can once again walk for hours without pain through our beautiful country.

  • Freedom at last.

    My wife had major back surgery and we had a fairly nice walker for her to use before and after the surgery. It is nothing compared to the Trionic we purchased. The engineering and craftsmanship are superb and obviously of high quality. It has given her the freedom to go outside again and walk with confidence. This is important when recovering from this kind of surgery. Thank you Trionic.

  • It doesn't get any better!

    Never will I forego the great tool which has given me back so much joy of life! Because of multiple sclerosis I was unfortunately no longer able to move about in nature. This led to great annoyance for me during holidays on the North Sea. No walking on the beach, in the forest or on paths through the fields—neither the rollator nor the wheelchair helped me. Until I discovered the Veloped! We were three times now on the road with the Veloped on different terrains. There is no surface where the Veloped does not grip; it even brakes on ice! Presumably, through the other posture I was able to cover several times as much as my usual distance. Why haven't I known about this sooner?!?! This terrific product should be familiar to all disabled people who like to get about in nature or on difficult routes like cobblestones, gravel or uneven paths with many edges. It gave me back so much quality of life! Many thanks, Mr. Kindberg! The very good quality and the possibilities that result from it justify the price.

  • Walker 12er—a complete success

    Many things at Trionic have made me enthusiastic:
    1. excellent service, there is none better
    2. well thought out technilogy
    3. light weight and maneuverability
    4. easy folding and unfolding

    Since I do not use the Walker myself, but gave it to my father, I cannot write too much about the experience with this aid. He was very impressed by his new Walker at the presentation of the gift and the following celebration. However, I could see at once that he can walk far more upright from the first step and thus walks more briskly. In addition, he found it very pleasant that his hands no longer vibrate and that the Walker rolls wonderfully easily, whether on cobblestones, gravel or lawn.

  • My Trionic "Fishing Ghillie" keeps me fishing [and walking].

    I am aged 84 with bad legs and balance;a passionate salmon fly fisherman.This year my balance is so bad that I can't fish in the normal way[standing up in a rocky river] without falling in !However my Veloped Sport is enabling me to keep fishing.I was recently fishing on the river Dee near Balmoral,Scotland and it worked well,fishing whilst sitting down in 30cms of water;although at times I was asking too much of it because of the rough ground and the size of the boulders but a friend was able to pick it up and move it down so I could fish the length of the pool.In some easier parts of the river this should not be necessary.Extremely well made and designed with the service from Trionic being really first class ,helpful and friendly.

  • Robust, designed to be fit for purpose and that was just the cardboard crate!

    From the start dealing with this company has been really good, Stefan that means you as individual, but much more than that the ethos of the company not only shone out in the response to my first tentative enquiry but in the ongoing communication through the purchasing process and continuing since I received the cardboard crate and its wondrous contents. Wondrous is the word I use because on every level the Trionic Velopod met and surpassed all my expectations plus making me aware of things I needed but did not realise until I began to use the machine. It has been tested in supermarket, busy high streetand sports stadium, mountain track, forestry trail, beach and stream. Without fail it has met my needs, carried shopping, rucksack, tripod and camera, picnic and much else besides all with no noticable difference in its manovarability. The change from urban to all terrain wheel set up is very easy to achieve even with hands that find it difficult to grip. The settings really do make a difference and certainly helped me achieve things I have not managed for a number of years. The delight to be able to take myself and dogs in to the forestry and traverse the tracks and streams we encountered was and is wondrous. To be able to go round a farmers market able to purchase fresh produce and not worry about causing myself pain as three cloth bags fitted easily in to the cavernous basket of the Veloped so that in season veggies and some special treats were safely transported to my car where bags were easily transfered as well as the Veloped itself, which really does fold up to a very manageable size and with the easily removed wheels becomes light enough for me to lift in to the car. The wheels travel resting between the folded up Veloped so don't take up any more room so that, in my case, there is room for two dogs to travel too. The build of the Veloped is of a very high specification, all welds are clean and unobtrusive. It looks robust and has indeed proved to be robust, giving me a real sense of stability and reliability even crossing a stone filled stream. The lack of horrendous jarring even on forestry tracks is really excellent and then in a supermarket being able to reduce its width was very helpful and facinated one small shopper who was riding in their mothers trolley:0) The Veloped has given me the confidence to go away alone, barring dogs, and know that I would be able to unload my car at destination and take bags across a field to our holiday home. The car would have become bogged down but the Veloped even well loaded made light of the spongey ground and did not become difficult for me to manouvre. Yes, the Veloped is not a cheap purchase in fact on a limited budget it made me think long and seriously. However, you REALLY do get what you pay for when you purchase the Trionic Veloped... great service from the company, a thought out well designed and executed machine, the sense that any problem no matter how small will be sorted with the same care and attention taken in the making and selling. BUT much more than these important elements the Veloped has, for me, given me real sense of possibility and even more importantly given me the confidence to begin again to exercise through walking regularly with my stable robust friend who generously carries my rucksack and lets me sit on their lap whenever I need:0)