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Veloped Video Product Demonstrations

The Veloped has a unique 3-wheel design, but as you can see it has in fact four wheels. It’s aimed to be used as a walking aid, especially for people with the desire to be physically active outdoors. Developed with a focus on walking and facilitating access for the user, the Veloped is one of a kind. Its main characteristic is a dual front wheel with the capacity to overcome obstacles up to 13 cm high. The force required to overcome a smaller obstacle is also greatly reduced, when compared to a traditional wheel. The 3-wheel design, coupled with the front wheel’s suspension and the air-filled tires, increases both comfort and accessibility on all uneven surfaces.

Folding & Wheel Detachment

The video shows how the Veloped is folded, and how the wheels can be detached.

Trionic Climbing Wheel

The video shows how the Trionic Climbing Wheel easily forces kerbs and other obstacles.

Height adjustment & slideable seat

The video shows how the grip height is adjusted, and how the seat can be slid to the front in order to offer greater leg space when walking.

The All-Terrain Capable Alternative to the Rollator

Thanks to its 3-wheeler design the Veloped manages rough and uneven ground, and the patented Trionic Climbing Wheel forces obstacles like rocks, roots and kerbs with ease.

All-Terrain Brakes & Brake Lever

The video shows the Trionic brake lever with motion- and parking function, and the all-terrain hub brakes.

Veloped Walking — Stay Active & Fit

Walking is such an ordinary activity that most people take it for granted. But in fact it is an excellent natural exercise that can help you stay healthy and fit.

The Veloped 14er Trek on the Beach

The Veloped 14er Trek show how it can tackle the soft and slightly deeper sand on the beach. Thank you Jill, for sharing your Trionic experience with us. Posted by Trionic Walkers USA