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Conventional Rollator = Boneshaker

Conventional rollators have brakes which work directly on the tire surface, which requires solid tires that are more or less rock-hard, otherwise the brakes will wear out the tires very quickly. These rock-hard solid tires offer nothing in the way of comfort when you are walking on cobblestones, gravel and uneven ground. Many rollators users are forced to plague themselves just to get to the supermarket, and the use of a rollator frequently causes severe pain in the hands, elbows and shoulders.

Trionic Walker = Top Comfort

Thanks to its exclusive hub brakes the Walker 9er can be equipped with SuperSoft PU-tires, that are about 50% softer than conventional rollator tires. The SuperSoft tires offer you a plush ride and a high comfort level. As they do not cause vibrations like conventional rollator tires do, you are less prone to suffer pain and discomfort in your hands, elbows and shoulders when you walk on uneven ground.

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