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Rollators with 100-year old brakes?

All conventional rollators have the same cheap brakes (brakes???) that bicycles had 100 years ago, whereby the brake works directly on the tire surface. Usually the conventional rollator brake only consists of a small piece of plastic or metal.

This type of tire-friction brake requires rock-hard solid tires, otherwise the tires get worn out in no time since the brake effectively destroys the tire. When the tire is wet, the brake loses its efficiency, as the wet tire no longer offers the required friction.

State-of-the-Art: Trionic All-Terrain-Brake

Thanks to the Veloped’s All-Terrain-Brake system you can always rely on an optimal brake performance, regardless if you are walking in sunshine, pouring rain or deep snow.

Instead of a conventional rollator brake, working directly on the tire surface, all Velopeds are equipped with powerful and exclusive hub brakes that are fully protected from dirt, water and snow.

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