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Veloped Tour 14er M black/reflex/red


It doesn't get any better!

Never will I forego the great tool which has given me back so much joy of life! Because of multiple sclerosis I was unfortunately no longer able to move about in nature. This led to great annoyance for me during holidays on the North Sea. No walking on the beach, in the forest or on paths through the fields—neither the rollator nor the wheelchair helped me. Until I discovered the Veloped! We were three times now on the road with the Veloped on different terrains. There is no surface where the Veloped does not grip; it even brakes on ice! Presumably, through the other posture I was able to cover several times as much as my usual distance. Why haven't I known about this sooner?!?! This terrific product should be familiar to all disabled people who like to get about in nature or on difficult routes like cobblestones, gravel or uneven paths with many edges. It gave me back so much quality of life! Many thanks, Mr. Kindberg! The very good quality and the possibilities that result from it justify the price.

Tatjana Wehner