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Ergon GP1 BioKork Grips size S

Ergonomic and superior-quality BioKork grips from German supplier Ergon.

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Adjustable grip angle

Thanks to the angle-adjustable Ergon grips you can find your ideal hand position in order to relieve your wrists.

Through the Ergon grip’s “wing” construction, the hand is fully supported and the wrist is automatically put in an ergonomically ideal position (left photo below).Responsive image

Why do I get hand pain?

The hands bolster a large part of the upper body weight onto the grips of a rollator. Thus there is constant and high pressure onto a small area causing nerves to be irritated.

To make matters worse, many rollator users bend their wrists too much. The result is sensory loss, tingling, numbness or abnormal sensations in the little finger and ring finger. In extreme cases, even the grasping function of all fingers is limited.

Trionic: Ergon GP1 Grips as Standard

Ergon GP1 - the original ergonomic grip! The worldwide leader in function, material and craftsmanship, the GP Series prevents numb fingers, aching hands and forearms.

The uniquely shaped grip body is made from 100% German, TÜV-certified rubber compounds of the purest quality – with infused Medical-grade white mineral oil for improved flexibility and durability.

A forged aluminum clamp allows the grip angle to be adjusted for perfect fit. It is easily readjusted through a single screw, and the clamp eliminates twisting once installed.


Trionic offer two versions of the Ergon grips, GP1 made from rubber and GP1 BioKork. These two grips are both available in two sizes, S and L.

Choosing the right Grip Size

As the hand size is different from person to person, Trionic offers the Ergon GP1 grips in two sizes – Small that corresponds to hand glove size 6.5-8.5, and Large that corresponds to hand glove size 8.5-12.0. The difference lies in the diameter of the grip. The reason for this is that a larger hand is better able to grip a larger grip with less stress and effort. A smaller hand needs a smaller grip to allow the hand to close around it. But of course, grip size also comes down to personal preference.

Responsive image

Grip size S: 6.5-8.5

Grip size L: 8.5-12.0

Ergon GP1 Awards

Ergon – German Innovation

Ergon - a synonym for diligence, character, enthusiasm, precision, passion and reliability.
Ergon has a strong German network of professionals who specialize in product material, research, production, and testing.


With their GP1 grips, Ergon has won several design awards and received many acknowledgements for premier ergonomics.

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